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Unveiling Gridopolis' Newest Grid-Set Blueprint: Twisted Tower

March 25, 2019

If you've played Gridopolis, you started with the 2- or 4-player classic 'Grid-Set,' featured on the Games page of our website. But, Gridopolis is much more than just an amazing 3D game. It's an expandable and customizable game system!

We are very proud to introduce Twisted Tower, Gridopolis' first Grid-Set Blueprint. Twisted Tower features fast-paced, two-player action with vertical gameplay. With this new design, thinking and strategizing in 3D becomes even more crucial in your quest to defeat your opponent.

Even better, this new design uses the exact same rules you already know. Pawns still move one space at a time and you must jump your foe in a straight line. AND don't forget... you still get 10 extra pieces to start gameplay. On every turn you can move ... or you can build! Can you imagine trying to add-a-pad to this? Welcome to the Twisted Tower of Gridopolis.

Once you've mastered this grid-set, don't forget you can continue to design your very own game. Using just three building elements (pad, post, link), we challenge you to get creative! It's easy enough so almost anyone can do it. This is your chance to level up, literally. Download the Twisted Tower PDF right now.

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