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How do I play Gridopolis?

Once you have built your grid-set and all your nodes and player markers are in the correct starting locations, you are ready to play Gridopolis!

Your goal will be to capture all your opponents’ pieces and be the last player standing. Alternatively, you can play a timed game with points.

When I open the box, what do I do first?

Remember that Gridopolis is both a game AND a system.

When you first open the box, check the instructions for a step-by-step guide on how to use the structural parts (PAD, LINK, & POST) to build a 3D grid-set.

We recommend starting off by building the classic 4-player set-up called 'Matrix.'

I see that Gridopolis is a game, but there are also parts. So is Gridopolis a game OR is it a construction set?

Gridopolis is a game AND a system. So, it's both!

Use the structural parts (pads, posts & links) included in your box to build a grid-set, then place the nodes (teleporters & kingerizers) to modify game play. Now use use your player markers to move, jump, capture AND win.

Play a timed game with points, or until the last player is standing.