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A 3D strategy game & system!

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Build. Jump. Capture. Win!
Play many games with only seven basic parts.

“Absolutely Brilliant!”

-Chris Byrne, The Toy Guy®

Winner of 6 awards & counting

Flexible & fun

Play with family, friends, or even solo. Get creative and change the design, the rules, or both!

Switch it up

Use any design from our grid-set library. All are free and use the same parts.

Design it yourself

Create DIY games from scratch by using only seven basic parts. Being a game designer has never been so easy!

Dynamic gameplay

Gridopolis is a three-dimensional game (and system) that changes while you play. It’s a new challenge every time!

Teach & learn

Practice STEM skills like strategy, logic, and spatial visualization. It’s effective in the classroom and homeschool, too.

No screens required

Promotes social interaction and collaboration – all while having classic fun with friends and family.