A 3D strategy game & system!

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Move. Build. Capture. Win!
Play many games with only seven basic parts.

Flexible & Fun!

Play with family, friends, or even solo. Get creative and change the design, the rules, or both!

Switch It Up

Use any design from our grid-set library. All are free and use the same parts. Buy one game, play many more!

Design It Yourself

Create DIY games from scratch by using only seven basic parts. Being a game designer has never been so easy!

Dynamic Gameplay

Gridopolis is a three-dimensional game (and system) that changes while you play. It’s a new challenge every time!

Teach & Learn

Practice STEM skills like strategy, logic, and spatial visualization. It’s effective in the classroom and homeschool, too.

No Screens

Promotes social interaction and collaboration – all while having classic fun with friends and family.

Get Gridopolis!

Be a game night hero with Gridopolis.
It's the only modular and expandable game that is easy to learn and dynamically changes while you play!

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It’s like 1,000 games-in-one as you move horizontally, vertically, and diagonally across multiple levels.

If that’s not cool enough, you get extra parts in each game to dynamically change the playing arena -- while you play!

Why has no one thought of this before?" I love it. I want it.

Lynn Rosenblum
Toy Industry Expert and Educator

Gridopolis is an engaging, open-ended, play experience for the whole family.

The ability to create your own rules and expand your board means that you will never get the same game twice. I am excited to see a community grow around this brand and expand into future editions.

Phil Albritton
Creative Director, Toy Industry Podcaster

Gridopolis introduces a whole new way to build, play, and think — all in three dimensions. I love that unlimited customization is built directly into the game’s DNA. This tells me that there is huge potential ahead in STEM and education for Gridopolis.

For some, it’s a compelling strategy game. For others, it’s an amazing game-designing laboratory. For everyone else, it's a whole new way to play in 3D.

Deborah Ryan
Toy Dept. Chair, OTIS College of Art & Design