Play the world’s best 3D strategy game!

A whole new dimension in gaming

Matrix is an easy-to-learn strategy game that is played in three dimensions. Designed for 2- to 4-players (or more!) it can even be modified during gameplay.

Matrix only uses a few simple parts, making it very quick and easy to learn.

Research shows 3D games engage more of your brain.

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Four Amazing & Unique Features


Play the world’s first FULLY three-dimensional strategy game.  But watch out – the board changes dynamically during  the game!

The board you start with is NOT the board you end up with.


Play with any number of two or more people!  Change the number of pieces OR the grid-set size to change the length of your game.


Nodes are pieces that change how a game-pad works.  Use a hyperpad to ‘beam’ somewhere else. Use a blocker-box to shrink the grid-set.


Use the simple system to build other grid-sets AND play other games.  Then, whenever you’re ready, create your own original game from scratch.

Too much creativity? Just play one of the already-designed games and take it easy.

Gridopolis Games is multi-dimensional

Analog Game

Coming in 2018.
Starting with the Matrix game, the Gridopolis Game System is focused on physical games you can play with friends and family.

Digital Game

Coming in 2019.
Play on your favorite screen with others who are far away. Play any of the grid-sets in the library or design your own from scratch.


Coming soon.
Use Gridopolis parts and lesson plans to bring creativity and critical thinking to the classroom.


Tell us how you hack or mod Gridopolis so we can make it better. Submit your designs and ideas and get recognized!