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Top 3 reasons why children (and teens) need screen-free toys and games

August 5, 2020

With the sheer volume of learning products available, there is no shortage of opportunities for young people to expand their knowledge base. In our digital age, the number of such products that require screens and/or technology continues to expand rapidly.

While screen-based games and toys are great for tech learning, recent trends demonstrate the importance of screen-free products for kids.

Here are the top 3 reasons screen-free toys and games are a must-have for young children and teens.

  • Less competition for your child’s attention: Every parent and teacher understands the struggle of keeping children focused during learning. Screen-free toys and games have the ability to engage children in ways digital toys cannot. Primarily, working with screens cultivates problem solving abilities and fine motor skills, as well as a better sense of spatial recognition.
  • Boosts concentration on the task at hand: Similarly, when children engage with toys and games tactically, their concentration and focus in that moment tend to increase. This is because children are allowed to immerse themselves in an activity which sparks the use of multiple senses, like sight, touch and feel.
  • No batteries, no technical malfunctions: Screen-free toys help parents too, ensuring that their children are able to play and learn even when an outlet, charger or batteries are not readily on hand.

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