New site re-design and update

January 27, 2019

Gridopolis Games is proud to announce a new design and expansion of their website at The site received a major refresh of the design, new content and pages, and is now fully responsive across all screen sizes, from mobile to desktop and everything in between.


Critical to this effort was the work of developer and designer, Trevor Whittingham. Trevor operates a studio called Turbolaser, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. His studio specializes in next-generation responsive platform called Webflow, which is a powerful new architecture to design and build websites.

Gridopolis founder and creator Dave Schultze was grateful for Trevor's involvement.

Trevor was amazing to work with. We had some problems to resolve and he was a great collaborator in all phases. It's rare to find someone who is technically proficient, an excellent designer with a good eye, and an all-round great guy to work with. We're looking forward to this being a long-term relationship.

Fans of Gridopolis should stay tuned for more cool content in the near future. Plans include new video, demos, and grid-set designs as well as a forum for fans to share their own original creations. Head over to the sign-up page so you don't miss out on any deals or detailsl

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