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Interviewed by PowerKid podcast

February 7, 2019

My recent interview with Phil Albritton & PowerKid Podcast has been released. The episode is available via iTunes or Stitcher. Phil's enthusiasm and professional knowledge made the interview both fun and easy. That's the mark of a pro.

PowerKid Podcast

In the episode, we discuss my teaching background and how it all ties into the launch of Gridopolis Games. The idea started with the observation that virtually all board games were (1) flat and two-dimensional and (2) were mostly static and un-changing. This insight is what propelled me to create the Gridopolis brand of games that were three-dimensional, dynamic, and interactive.

For those who may not know, the Gridopolis ‘quick pitch’ is that it’s the world’s first ‘construction set meets strategy game.’ But there’s actually a lot more to it. As a set of simple parts, they can be re-arranged to play your game in different configurations and/or add more players. You can then play different games and tweak the rules. Finally, you can even design your very own game from scratch, which then crosses-over into the educational category.

Gridopolis Games is just getting started. Sign up now to get updates on our 2019 KickStarter campaign and upcoming sales and events. Visit the Gridopolis website for more information.

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