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Education Meets Gameplay with Gridopolis

May 28, 2020

Educators and researchers both agree on the positive impact playing games can have on learning. For example, playing games of all kinds can help young people understand new concepts, view ideas from an alternative perspective and work as a team to accomplish a mission or a goal.

At Gridopolis Games, we too are on board with the idea that learning can (and should) be fun. So we created an educational lesson plan for Gridopolis that can be used to teach STEM (without screens) both at home and in the classroom.

Download our lesson plan for Gridopolis, which focuses on the therapeutic, knowledge and behavioral objectives of our™️ Authenticated Product.

Parents and educators have already praised the learning potential of Gridopolis.
"I believe many games can be used in unique ways to provide educational experiences for the players. But few games provide such a great system to foster educational and STEM focused lesson opportunities in a fun, non-traditional setting as Gridopolis."
— Home educator Kelsey D.
"Game time is such a great way to spend quality family time, and when you can do it with a game that effortlessly incorporates STEM elements, it’s a win-win!"
— Home educator Carrie F.
"I’m always on the lookout for STEM games that I could have in my classroom for my students to learn from as they play, and @gridopolis is a winner!"
— STEM school educator Chriselle B.

Download the FREE STEM Lesson Plan

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