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Gridopolis Downloads

This page is updated regularly. Check back for new stuff!

Rules: How do I Play?

12 Page Instructions

An illustrated overview of the full set of rules to play the classic version of Gridopolis.

Download Instructions

1 Page Quick Start

Don't have time for the full set of rules? This highlights some of the gameplay basics.

Download Quick Start

Educational: Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan

Enjoy 'STEM without screens' and guide students through learning by using Gridopolis.

Download Lesson Plan

Grid-Set Blueprints: Expand Your System!

Super Cube

Play on the outside of a three dimensional cube! Works for 2 or 4 players.

Download Super Cube

Twisted Tower

'Twisted Tower' is a fast-paced, two-player game with vertical gameplay!

Download Twisted Tower

3D Solitaire

When your friends are busy, try to solve this first ever 3D solitaire puzzle / game!

Download 3D Solitaire