The Gridopolis Game Plan

Gridopolis is focused on the future. These  'CORE FOUR' represent our current and long term strategy. Some of these are happening right now. Others are coming soon.

Analog Game


Starting with the Matrix game, the Gridopolis Game System is focused on physical games you can play with friends and family.



Using the parts and lesson plans in the classroom.
Be creative and design a original grid set. Then use logic and critical thinking to organize your new rules. Finally, test your game theory and practice strategy by having fun with friends.

Crowd Sourcing


Tell us how you hack or mod Gridopolis so we can make it better. Submit your designs and ideas and get recognized!

Digital Game

COMING in 2019 & 2020.

Play on your favorite screen with others who are far away. Play any of the grid-sets in the library or design your own from scratch using the BoardBuilder Editor.